"Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it's selfless, because it better enables you to take care of others." Joe Fox 2016

My Roots

I have been successful at working cohesively with diverse populations to forge strong and sustainable community relationships and creating strong leaders within that community through leadership coaching. With a career of over 30 years in the New York City Police Department beginning as a Police Officer, travelling through all divisions of the NYPD, and closing as Chief of Transit Bureau in 2018.

I have been recognized by supervisors and peers as one who provides motivational leadership and implements cohesive team-building strategies, with a passion for mentoring executives in high-level leadership positions.

There can be no better progression from a life of service in the NYPD than joining SilverSEAL Security. SilverSEAL is a New York and London-based firm which has provided custom premier security services to multinational corporations, foundations, law firms and high net worth individuals for 25 years throughout the world. SEAL takes it's commitment to the clients we serve very seriously, and is equally passionate about motivating and supporting our team members who carry out that mission.

I continue to be very passionate about public safety and equally as passionate to developing others, watching them find the best versions of themselves. 

Chief of Transit Bureau (2011 - 2018)

* Continued multi-bureau operations from Brooklyn South, it includes joint operations between Community Affairs, Crime Prevention and our Bureau.  Approximately 60-70 are deployed.  Increased deployment for violent crimes (rape), and high-profile incidents.  Members hand out flyers, large scale canvass for witnesses/video.

* Increased Crime Prevention operations.  Approximately 1100 copies of the Police Foundation anti-theft posters have been posted at 136 stations.  Our Transit Bureau Headquarters Crime Prevention team is deployed daily to distribute flyers, Gear Guards and register cell phones (Phone Identifications) throughout the transit system.  We average about 50,000 flyers per month, 547,000 for the year.  Last year we distributed over one million crime prevention flyers.  Our operations also include members from Patrol Services Bureau about once or twice a week.  Operations are also conducted at large corporations and schools in the vicinity of the train stations i.e. Citi Group, Columbia University, New York University and Lehman College.

* Began text message notification for "Blue Shirt"/Community Affairs Operations.  Cell phone/e-mail of Transit Bureau Community Affairs trained members are maintained at the Transit Headquarters Wheel for notification and rapid deployment during off hours and weekends for critical incidents.

* Created late night train patrol in January 2012 to address a crime trend on trains during the late night/early hours.  Police Officers are deployed on trains, conductors announce the Police Officer's presence, and Officers move subway car to subway car.

* Increased the Commanding Officer's community relations role. Commanding Officers have been coached to attend and speak at community council and community board meetings.  Their presence is much more frequent than before.

* Carried over Bureau Based Training where approximately 115 police officers attend each month.  Transit Bureau schedules the speakers and oversees each venue.  Speakers' (Line of Duty Families, Commanding Officers, Deferred Compensation and Early Intervention) topics consist of motivational, leadership, departmental issues and resources, financial advice, and counseling. 

* Supervisor Seminars are assimilations of Bureau Based Training, but for supervisors only.  All the supervisors from a command attend the training together as a group for the day.  Coverage from other commands is provided for the day.  The topics covered are leadership, departmental, motivational, procedural, and financial advice.   

* Began Cop of the Month in the Transit Bureau, also another concept carried over from Brooklyn South.

* Incorporated the Franklin Covey Training for ranking officers.  This consists of the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" course.  Two Sergeants attended the Course Instructor Training.  These two sergeants teach the course twice a month to a group of 20 to 25 supervisors.  Our members who attend the course learn to: take initiative, balance priorities, improve communication, and apply principles for achieving a balanced life.  The concepts taught by our Transit Bureau instructors carry over from one's personal life to our work environment.  The first target group was Transit Bureau Executives.

* Began the Memorial Mass ceremonies, this event I carried over from Brooklyn South, for Transit Bureau members who made the ultimate sacrifice.  There were no Memorial Mass events prior to 2012, now every year the families and Police Officers (Active & Retired) look forward to getting together.

Commanding Officer Patrol Borough Brooklyn South (2000-2011) 

* For 10 years Patrol Borough Brooklyn South had steady crime decreases from 2000-2010.

* Created system to have daily crime figures e-mailed to Borough Executive Staff and was expanded to all PBBS Commanding Officers.

* PBBS Youth Precinct Outreach Program expanded the current Patrol Guide Procedure for Truants and Juvenile to include all youths under the age of eighteen who are arrested, victims of crimes or any other criteria deemed appropriate by the Commanding Officer.  Outreach was conducted for youths in these categories.  Commands were encouraged to utilize and develop positive venues for youths.  Ex. Police Athletic League.

* Created a Youth Notification Letter.  This is a letter sent to parents or guardians of a juvenile that has had contact with the Department which generated a Juvenile Report, that the next instance the Department has an encountered passed their 16th birthday, they would no longer qualify for a Juvenile Report and will be prosecuted criminally.

* Before the Department developed a standard database, every Major crime from every PBBS command was entered into our database to allow for extensive analysis not previously available and which required many hours of work for the analysis of crime trends.

* "Blue Shirt Canvass" was a way of using global PBBS resources to canvass for video and witnesses.  It also served as a means for using Community Affairs Officers as the first contact with the community which could possibly increase the likelihood of obtaining information that could be passed along to investigative units.   Also, Blue Shirt operations were used during significant crime trends or significant events (Rape, Police involved shooting, etc.) as a means of positive engagement with members of the community. 

* Transformed the Harmony Day Picnic to the Unity Showcase Festival which increased the community and Police interactions.  Included many community civic groups and leaders along with key precinct personnel.

Commanding Officer 71 Precinct (1994-1996) 

* Collaborated with African American community leaders and Lubovich Jewish community leaders in conjunction with 71 Precinct Police Officers to create a Unity Day Picnic 4 years after the Crown Heights riots.  The picnic was held on a Sunday so all could attend (Sabbath observers).  Key to the event was that it was sponsored, implemented and run by 71 Precinct police officers, in particular officers who wouldn't normally interact with the community (SNEU, Anti-Crime, etc.).  Thousands of people attended, it was renowned as a symbol of the good that can be done when all parties communicate and work together to build relationships.  The Unity Day Picnic still continues to this day.  

Chief of Staff (2018 - Present)

SilverSEAL is a New York and London-based firm which has provided custom premier security services to multinational corporations, foundations, law firms and high net worth individuals for 25 years throughout the world. A holistic approach is applied to security management.

Bachelors of Science, Security Management, John Jay College of Criminal Justice -Degree awarded in 1992 

* Attended Police Management Institute at Columbia University in 1995

* Emerald Society

* Policewomen's Endowment Association, Man of the Year, 2012

* Emerald Society, Man of the Year, 2011

* Desi Society, Man of the Year, 2010

* Police Support Group, Man of the Year, 2008

▪   Community Relations

▪   Multi-Agency Liaison            

▪   Training Development             

▪   Program Development  

▪   Crime Prevention Programs    

▪   Procedure Development  

▪   Police Organization and Management 

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My Approach

Throughout my experience as a law enforcement professional, I have been able to work with a diverse group of people. Because of this, I understand that what works for one person, may not work for another. This is why my approach is completely personalized and based on the individual needs, goals, and barriers of each of my clients.

This approach is what sets me apart as a coach. I build each and every one of my sessions around YOU to ensure that YOU are able to reach your goals and begin living the life of YOUR dreams.

If you're ready to let go of the past and begin building the future you deserve, then contact me today for a complimentary introductory session!

My Life Mission Statement

To be the manifestation, in thought and action of the goodness that created me, the goodness that I am intended to be, always.


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