Fox On The Beach – “Let Me Be Brave in the Attempt”

By admin | Feb 5, 2024

I recently spent a week in Greenville, South Carolina. I was there to do leadership training with a group of high energy professionals who provide life and wellness services to first responders across the nation. When I travel, I always work in at least a couple of days to explore the area, see new sights,…

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Fox on the Beach – NYPD Chief Steve Bonano, a Person of Service

By admin | Jan 19, 2023

Back in 1979, at Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, a student was robbed. NYPD Cops in plain clothes were chasing the guy who did it. Another student, Steve Bonano, actually jumped in and helped them grab him. That was all Steve needed to set his sights on joining the NYPD, and living a…

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What Happiness Knows

By admin | Oct 28, 2022

The sound of the music Not just the lyrics The birds On noisy streets The beautiful air Above the tall buildings Blue skies Beyond the clouds Above the rain The goodness In all beings All things The perfection In own self Happiness knows this Happiness feels this Happiness shares this Happiness is this Joe Fox,…

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Fox on the Beach – It Will Happen When It’s Supposed To – October 14th, 2022

By admin | Oct 17, 2022

A year ago this week, I was walking in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. I noticed the ground was covered with brown leaves and only a couple of days before they were not there. I took a quick photo. I love taking photos and I pay a lot of attention to the craft of my…

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Fox On The Beach – If not for the pain that day…September 01, 2022

By admin | Sep 2, 2022

Days after September 11th, 2001, I opened a hand written letter delivered to my office. At the time I was a two star Chief in the NYPD, Chief of Brooklyn South. The writer expressed his gratitude for what police officers did that day, and remembered those who died. I was a younger man, jumping to…

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Our Thoughts

By admin | Sep 2, 2022

Sharing a poem that began with some random thoughts on my terrace five years ago, that I revisited recently after a missed opportunity, the day a friend died who I thought to call the day before, but did not. Our Thoughts Thoughts pour into our mind, Nonstop, constantly flowing Ideas of goodness Best intentions Caring…

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Fox on the Beach – Serving Us – August 5th, 2022

By admin | Aug 5, 2022

Two years ago today, a man died, serving all of us. Did you ever look out from our Rockaway Beach and notice that cluster of cargo ships off in the distance, about 10 nautical miles out? A little more than half of all the imported goods come to the United States from cargo ships. Many…

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Fox on the Beach – What Truly Makes America Great – July 1st, 2022

By admin | Jul 8, 2022

During a recent trip to Washington DC, I took an Uber to my visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum. I expected it to be an emotionally draining and impactful visit, so as soon as I got in the car I put my head down in my phone to clear as many emails and texts as…

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Fox on the Beach – Of Our Darkest Moments – June 3, 2022

By admin | Jun 7, 2022

Several years ago I visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC for the first time. It impacted me in a way that nothing else has in my life. Recently, I extended a business trip to DC for one full day, just so I could see the museum again, with no place else to go,…

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