Fox on the Beach – We Just Move the Rocks – May 4, 2022

By admin | May 4, 2022

As most of our Rockaway residents probably know, they have been doing significant work on the beach, building rock jetties to try to stop the erosion. A few months ago, during an early morning walk on the boardwalk, I stopped to talk to a few of the construction workers. They were standing together chatting, just…

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“Always will be”

By admin | Apr 27, 2022

On a cruise ship, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, I came up from downstairs and Marcella was sleeping. I woke her up for a moment that we spoke only a few words. I told her that the ship was rocking and the waters were rough, but she said that she knew that. I told her…

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Fox On The Beach – The Commander – April 1, 2022

By admin | Apr 4, 2022

A wonderful thing about life is that people touch us along the way and bring us the gifts that last long after they leave us. I was in a classroom on the second floor of the 61st Precinct, Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn, the day after I graduated from the Police Academy, in December 1981. Speakers…

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Words Matter

By admin | Feb 5, 2022

I have learned that after we experience something in life and we look back, we have a clearer understanding of what actually happened. During the last two years police officers have been vilified, assaulted and murdered at levels we have not seen in decades. Today, our hearts are broken as our city and nation mourns…

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Finding the American Dream

By admin | Feb 4, 2022

There is so much we share in humanity, and so much that each of us share in this amazing American experience. Each of us – or our ancestors – picked up their lives from places all over the world, sometimes at great risk, with nothing but the clothes they wore, and came here to find…

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Fox on the Beach – Purposeful Moments – Tears of Humanity – December 03, 2021

By admin | Dec 3, 2021

A couple of years ago I spent a few solemn hours visiting the Pearl Harbor Historic Sites in Hawaii. It’s a visit I will never forget, and its profound impact stays with me. This week, we will again remember and honor those American soldiers and sailors who died that day, 80 years ago. 2,400 were…

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