Be the Light

In November of 2016, after spending a day with a number of interactions with people who were suffering emotional pain, I jotted down a few thoughts. I saved those thoughts in my calendar and kept moving them until I felt the urge to write about them.  In February, 2019 I wrote the poem below based on those thoughts. My love and prayers go to their families, and to all of us who are suffering any type of pain in our lives.

Be The Light 

End of day, saw people in pain today
Thoughts of their pain linger with me now
I look up at the twilight sky
Half Moon over the ocean
Pretty colors evolving
Shades of pink, painted by the sun

Envisioning macro view, our beautiful planet
Zoom in, oceans, continents
Still beauty, perfection
But speckled in that pretty canvas
Places of disorder
Pain and discord
Manifestations of fear, anger

What contrast, such challenges
How to bring light to such darkness
One by one, where we can
Be the light
Always be the light

Joe Fox
February 2019