Our Garden

In 2012 I brought "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" seminars to the NYPD. My team and I taught monthly two days sessions, until I retired in 2018. Recently a friend sent me a screenshot of an NYPD notification which went to all commands, naming the 25 people who would attend an upcoming session. He wrote something kind, referring to my legacy. For a moment I thought, it would be nice if I were still doing those seminars. But then I thought, how nice it was that I was able to do that for 6 years, and how special it is that others are now teaching it? That's the perspective I chose, and it felt great. We always have choices, don't we? I reflected further, started writing and came up with this poem.

Our Garden

We plant seeds
We nurture them
In their soil
We watch them grow
We watch them flower
They flourish
Every day, Every moment
They become something new

And we still nurture them
We protect them from toxins
We are attentive
But we give them room
Room to grow
When their roots are strong
Their stems sturdy
We leave them

We have given them our love
We have cared for them
They don't need us now
Others do
And we move on
We plant more seeds

And in our planting
We grow
Yes, the seeds we plant
Bring us growth
The care we give
Nurtures us
The love we give
Brings us love

And so it is
In Our Garden

Joe Fox
August 16, 2020