Our Moment

Hundreds of years ago
A woman stood on this beach
Present, in her moment
She lived her life, as I live mine now
She felt the pain, the dread
The worries, the uncertainty
And sometimes anger
And she knew a sense of wonder
The joy, the happiness
She knew gratitude
Connection and love.

Hundreds of years from now
A man will stand on this beach
Present in his moment
He will know fear, anxiety
He will experience conflict
Sadness and suffering
And he will also marvel at this beauty
And he will see the magnificence, perfection
In people, in all things

But today, this is my moment
My life, my turn
Present now
And I have been afraid, felt despair
Deep sorrow, pain
Fear, and anger

But I enjoy the true sense of wonder,
Laughter, happiness, and bliss
Hope, and faith
Gratitude, mindfulness
I cherish my connections to others, to all things

This is my time now, alone in this place of peace
Enjoying the solitude, the aloneness
And yet, feeling so part of,
Strongly connected, to everyone
Those who stood here yesterday
And those wondrous manifestations of love yet to be

And lovingly with, each of you
As we share our time here together
Our moment
A beautiful feeling
I have never felt before
I wish each of us moments of peace
Like the peace that allowed these thoughts to come to me

Joe Fox, April 13, 2020