Perfect Order

The hurricane just passed us, left its mark
Deaths and loss
Pain and anguish
Winds and tides took so much
Took lives, homes
So much sadness, despair
For months to come
And yet tonight, Jupiter and our Moon,
Right there near each other,
For each of us to see

Thoughts as I look, timeless
They are there regardless of the weather,
The tragedies
The pain we may be feeling
A crisis we may be facing right now
And they reveal perfect order
Perfect relationships
They each know where the other is,
At each moment
They each are where they should be
Just when they need to be

The tranquility,
Peace and order we seek in our lives is there
Right there, in our solar system
In our stars, planets and Moon
In Jupiter and our Moon tonight

I seek that order, that perfect order
I wish it for all, all who are in such pain now
I wish that perfect relationship,
Peace, for each of us
For all I know
For all I don't know
For all

Joe Fox
October 31, 2012
1130 PM