On April 4, 2014, NYPD Officers Dennis Guerra and Rosa Rodriguez entered a burning building in Coney Island to help save lives. Tragically both were overcome by smoke and seriously injured. Sadly Dennis died five days later. being injured heroically entering a burning building.
Dennis’s funeral was on April 14, at Saint Rose of Lima Church, in Rockaway, a block off the beach. As we lined up facing the ocean there was such a strong wind coming off the beach, right at us. When I got to my car I decided to clear the rest of the day. There was no meeting I would want to be part of after that. I came home and changed and went for a walk on the same beach, in front of my home, a couple of miles away. The wind was even stronger. While I walked these words came to me, inspired by Dennis. I thought I would share them today. Thank you for reading this. Bless you, Dennis.


The wind
Strong wind
Wakes the ocean from its sleep

Brisk, bright and clear
Rolling, roaring, fierce

The morning birds
Our thoughts
Our past and our future,
Wake us from our sleep

Dreams of future and past
Wake us from our present
Our stillness
Our silence

Let us sleep
Let us awaken

Cherish the stillness, the silence
Cherish the noise
The winds
Our thoughts

Let both be our own awakenings

Joseph Fox
April 14, 2014


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March 20, 2020