Night and Day


This morning I was here

The place I am right now

This beautiful night

I swam in the ocean

Just a few hundred yards from here

The ocean I cannot see

But I can still hear

The skies were bright

The beach sand was filled with people

Umbrellas, happy families

Toddlers in awe

I sat on my paddle board

Hundreds of yards off the shore

Surrendering to the greater power

I floated

The ocean surface moved the me

I watched the beach

And all of the people

Then gazing out

To the seemingly endless ocean

The horizon

Its beauty was mesmerizing

But now I sit in darkness

On this boardwalk.

Hardly anyone here

Someone occasionally riding by

Or walking past me

I am looking out into darkness

But I hear waves, constant waves

The ocean

Its sound are constant

The waves landing on the shores

Some are louder than others

Some crash

Some fall so softly

And others whisper

And for brief moments

Seconds between those sounds

I hear the soft breeze of the night

And yet when I leave my thoughts

Beyond these beautiful sounds

They seem to blend into nothing


Beautiful silence

Can this be the place

The place I was earlier today

This exact same place

The things that have been put here

This boardwalk, the street signs


Smiling down on me from my right

Reassure me that it is

And though dark

Just as beautiful as it was hours ago

But yet so different

Or is it really different at all

Joseph Fox

9 PM, July 16, 2017


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March 24, 2020