Chief Joe Fox will share his experience in inspiring, motivating and leading the New York City Police Department Transit Bureau. Imagine what it takes to be able to provide police services for the country’s busiest metropolitan rail system?

Do you want to achieve more in both your work and personal life?

Hello! I am 3-Star Chief Joe Fox, of the New York City Police Department Transit Bureau, I want to share my insights on leadership, from 30 years of experience protecting New York City and managing thousands of police officers.


"Kindness should be repaid with interest, inflating our world." - Joe Fox


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Part of all transitions, new assignments, promotions, career change, life change, etc. Take comfort – it comes from a healthy dose of humility which is the thread of happiness and our success. 

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Part of all transitions, new assignments, promotions, career change, life change, etc. Take comfort – it comes from a healthy dose of humility which is the thread of happiness and our success.


Transitional Anxiety


I appreciate Mr. Fox coming to Iona to talk to us about his presentation. His presentation is not what I expected coming from a thirty-seven year veteran of the NYPD, spending twenty years as a chief. Instead, he portrayed his presentation as a way for the audience to take his message and interact with others in the outside world. I was astounded to hear about his phrase it is not who you know, it is about who knows you and what they know about you. Finally, I amused his apology point, about bowing down low similar to Buddhism, for your wrongfulness.

I enjoyed coming to Chief Joe Fox’s talk last week and hearing all of his stories. He spoke not only about his work, but of personal experiences, like being with his family, and enjoying looking at the beach from his terrace. One thing I picked up on was his strength to work through a day, and to then be able to take a step back and understand, and digest not only his emotions but the emotions of others as well. Overall, I believe Chief Joe Fox motivated all of us to be more understanding, which can be hard to do at times.

Victoria Maldari


One thing I learned from the presentation was to not shut people down for their ideas. The example that he brought up that stays in my mind was about the cake. Even though he didn't eat cake, he would cherish the act that the person committed by being very grateful and happy when they gave him the cake. It made them feel good inside and gave them a sense of duty and confidence. This was important to me because it taught me that sometimes it isn't about you, its about others. You must help others achieve happiness because we are all human beings and the ultimate goal of life its for everyone to achieve happiness.

Professor Ferguson

CRJ 320


Joseph Fox has been a part of the NYPD for 37 years and served as chief for 20 of those years. He is now retired and spend his time teaching leadership training, speaking about his life lessons, and enjoying his life. He is such a humble man; he brought about this feeling of pure happiness when he spoke. One might question how he remains so happy and positive after experiencing an entire career of seeing and dealing with crime. One thing he said that got him through life working for law enforcement is to never take yourself too seriously. In no way was he undermining the severity of his work, he was simply sharing his personal ways of how he kept a level head. He lives in Rockaway and was easily able to channel his emotions through the photography of his surroundings. His entire PowerPoint was full of his photos and it was obvious how proud he was of them. He seems so selfless and sincere. “It’s not about me, it’s about others,” he said. Being a chief came with huge responsibilities and he learned that early on as he climbed through the ranks of the NYPD. Being on the right side is extremely important in life, whether you’re a law enforcement officer or not. He went over numerous strategies that one could use in order to be in control of their life to be on the right side, the bright side. Going into this talk I wasn’t expecting it to be so motivational. I was expecting to hear more of his life story and experiences, but leaving the auditorium after hearing his talk I felt so enlightened. And then it hit me. That was his duty as a chief: to be a good person to people, to be there for them to guide them. He wasn’t the first officer to be at the scene, he was one of the last. His men did their jobs and he would stop by to offer his presence and condolences if needed. He was there to motivate and inspire, and it was second nature to him. He carries this feel of leadership that radiates through the room and him sharing his personal beliefs to young people can only be beneficial. I appreciated his talk and am happy that it didn’t end up being a typical background story.


It was a pleasure to hear you speak at my college. I did not know what I would hear and thought it would be just another guest speaker talking about their work. You gave many life lessons that I hope to carry for the rest of my life. My father was happy to hear that you were giving a talk as he once worked in the Transit section of the NYPD. He recently retired after 26 years of service and is enjoying the well-deserved retirement. Thank You.


Dakota Vazquez

Class of 2020

Criminal Justice Major

Security Threat Assessment Minor

Treasurer, Best Buddies

Member, Colleges Against Cancer


Podcast Appearances


In this episode, Allison Graham and Joe Fox discuss:

  • Becoming a leader and how the concept has evolved for him over the years.
  • How to deal with others who want to bring everyone else down.
  • What happens when you can’t bounce back from something, and how it affects you.
  • How police officers have to balance their emotions.


In this episode, Anthony Melchiorri and Joe Fox discuss:


  • What is it like to be an NYPD officer during some of the most dangerous times in New York history?
  • What was it like to be an NYPD Chief during 9/11?
  • What is the secret to persevering through tragedy?


In this episode, Michael Calderin and Joe Fox discuss:


  • 36 Years In The NYPD
  • Joe's Journey In The NYPD
  • Retirement From Public Service
  • How Joe Uses His Unique Experience To Inspire Others

I have come to believe
Taking care of yourself is not selfish, it's selfless, because it better enables you to take care of others.[/et_pb_slide][et_pb_slide heading="%22Live in a state of gratitude, and you'll never want. Live in a state of want, and you'll never have enough.

Provide a little water, some sunshine,
some protection from toxic elements,
a lot of nurturing and most important of all, never step on the flowers.  No evil will deter goodness, no hate can kill love, and no selfishness can overpower selflessness. "Most things have greater value when shared"

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