A True Sample of Service, Caring and Bravery

Moments like this remind me that I am not a tall man! 😂🦊🤷🏻‍♂️. Meet Ed Fernandez, Tom Binstock and Travis Warfield, Kings Transit Task Force. After a nice chat in downtown Brooklyn I checked my email history because I knew I had spoken to each of them a few times to thank them for their great work. Here are a couple I will share:

In August, 2016, Travis and his partners arrested Richmond Jenkins for robbing a mother on an escalator at Broadway Junction, who was holding two children in her hands. He punched her in the chest and ran off with her pocketbook. Jenkins had 34 prior arrests. Travis and his partners were there for that woman and her two children.

In October, 2019, Ed and his partners came upon a man unconscious in a train station. They revived him and saved his life.

In April, 2015, Tom and his partner arrested Damien Brunson, after they saw him jump the turnstile at the High Street Station in Brooklyn. He was armed with a loaded gun.(link below) Wait a minute, didn't our district attorneys and mayor decide it was a good idea to decriminalize turn style jumping in subways? Yet in spite of them all, officers like Ed, Tom and Travis continue to protect us and put themselves in harms way.

So what is my take away from this? I happened to meet three police officers in the street, chatted with them for a little while, then looked at my emails, and found that each of them have done not one great thing, but multiple great things. Consider that a sample that supports what I know - police officers do amazing things for us every day. Great chatting guys. Stay safe, and thank you for what you do.