And now I am a Mom.

We all remember the brutal and senseless assassination of NYPD Detectives Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos on December 20, 2014. We have since learned of the amazing forethought Sanny Liu had while in the state of shock she was in at the hospital that day. On July 25, 2017, Sanny gave birth to Angelina Liu. See how much she looks like her Dad! I was so excited to see the both of them and all of the people who were out Saturday to honor and remember Wenjian and Rafael. At the funeral, the police commissioner and other city leaders promised the family that we would be there for them and never forget. Saturday hundreds of people fulfilled that promise in the Marcy playground in Brooklyn, near where Rafael and Wenjian were killed.

When I was chatting with Sanny I was going through a folder of all the photos I have with her and her family on my phone. I was championing her for the inspiration she has been to all of us and continues to be by her strength and her love and her courage. I said, look Sanny, this is a photo of you and I only a couple of weeks after at Times Square on New Year's Eve. And anticipating that I was going to say, "And now look how far you have come", she kind of interrupted me and said, with a big proud smile, "And now I am a Mom."

Yes Sanny, now you are a Mom. And little Angelina will grow up and know that she has thousands and thousands of NYPD uncles and aunts. She will know the heroics of her Dad, and love and courage and inspiration of her Mom. She will fulfill the dreams and hopes that you and Wenjian shared before he was taken from us.

She has already made this world a better place. More to come.