Hello everyone. I love this cartoon above. It portrays such a vivid image of the power of our choices. I think many people would look at this cartoon and say, "Sure, I have choices." But how often do we practice making that choice? And let's think on that a bit. There are things that happen in our life that are very challenging, very difficult and very sad.

Those are not times that we can just pick ourselves up and move to another side of the bus, where the view is better.

But how about the "lesser" challenges that we find ourselves facing every day? I am late for my train. I overslept. It is raining. It is cold. Do we have control over how we feel about those disappointments? We absolutely do.
And to the greater disappointments: I have been diagnosed with a serious disease. Someone I love dearly passed away. I lost my job. A relationship that was the foundation in my life has collapsed.

Those are clearly so difficult and so challenging and to think of just "moving to another seat on the bus" to make them easier to deal with is way too simplified.

But here's the thing. Maybe, if we practice shifting our mindset over the little things, then we can be more, just a bit more empowered and better equipped to handle the bigger things, the most challenging issues in our life.
I believe it is worth a try?

Thank you everyone. And I wish each of us more - many more bright and sunny days than dark ones.