So today was Joseph Fox the third's 1-year birthday party. I'd like to share an idea that someone suggested to me years ago. When Lia was born and then when Joey was born I created secret email accounts just for them. I occasionally send photos, videos and of course messages that I think can help them in life, to their email account. At some point in their lives, I will give them their credentials and tell them, "You've got mail." Something very interesting happens when I compose those messages. As I write them I've become very aware that I am speaking to my beloved grandchildren many years from now. It is as if I am speaking to the future. That inspires me and motivates me to compose messages that will hopefully inspire and motivate them when they read them.  I thought I would share today's birthday email to Joey. (Shhhhh! Please do not tell him 😀🤷‍♂️🦊)

My dearest Joseph,

Today we celebrate your one year birthday. What an impact you have already made on me and on so many people, and yet you're not even able to read these words. When you do read this you will likely be struggling with what every human being struggles with, "What is my impact? How am I going to make a difference?" Well here's the thing - you already did, the moment you were born. So many people were so happy because of your arrival, and more important, because of your potential.

Please know that wherever you are in life, whatever your age, and whatever your accomplishments have been at any given point in your life, there is always so much more to come. More to come! That is the beautiful thing about life, but unfortunately, so many of us live our lives without realizing it. Please know that your impact is always so much greater than you realize.

So, would you like a summary of what has happened so far in your life? Well, for one, your sister Lia absolutely adores you! It is so beautiful to see how attentive she is and how often for no reason she just reaches out and holds you and hugs you. It reinforces something that I have been teaching for many years - leadership is not something that we learn in life, nor is it something that comes with titles we are given but rather, it is something we are born with. It is about loving, caring for another, and helping others. In my seminars, I use the example of knowing that Lia is a true leader, because of the love she shows for you, her little brother.   Please remember that Joseph. We are born to lead, we are born to connect to others, we are born to give. You have given my life so much already and I thank you for that.

With all of my love,