Just one person in the world?

Sharing a phone call I had with a man named Fheal, from the Amazon Support Team.

After he helped me with my inquiry I asked him how he was doing. He told me that he was doing well and he just started his shift, and I was his first phone call. We then chatted for a while, probably longer than he was allowed to. As we ended our discussion I told him that I hope every phone call he has for the rest of his shift is as kind and positive as the one he and I shared.

And here are some thoughts I had after. Imagine if during every conversation, every exchange we have with people, we consider that it may be the first one that they will have with anyone that day.  We would certainly want to make that a very positive one, laced with kind exchanges between two human beings. And imagine if during exchanges with people we thought for a moment, that maybe that interaction is the only one they will have with another, all day or maybe all week. We would surely want to make that a wonderful exchange, a memorable few moments. And to take these thoughts even further, sometimes, more than we would think, people are going through some really hard times and a short exchange they may have with another, may be what lifts them from a very dark place, a moment of caring from another person, just when they need it most. And a final thought, we may be one person in the world, but to one person we may be the world.

What opportunities we have to touch each others lives every day, every! My phone call with Fheal, from Amazon, really made that so much clearer to me. Thank you Fheal, and I hope the rest of your shift was wonderful!