What is our true legacy?


I love taking scenic photos. I've been lucky enough to get some nice shots over the years, but one of my favorite photos I've ever taken is one that has very little scenic value, but brings me to an analogy that is profound for me. Notice in this photo, that I took in Greenwood Cemetery, that a large tree has grown over a tombstone.


I close each of my leadership presentations with this photo. Many tend to think of legacy as how we are remembered.  But I share that how we touch each other now - moment by moment - and in turn how those we touch then touch others, is far more powerful. It is the legacy of here and now.


One day, literally or figuratively, a tree will grow over each of our tombstones. We will be forgotten. I am sorry if that is hard to accept. But here is some great news - the impact we have right now is immeasurable, powerful beyond what we can imagine. It lives beyond us. It goes on, on and on. The love we give, gives more, ever giving.


 Let that be our legacy, our eternity.


Thank you for reading this.


Joe Fox