Our Life

On the beach, at water's edge
The ocean is calm
Soft waves
A few cargo ships miles away
Darkness but for the Moon
Shining her light on the water below
Look up, stars fill the sky
A shooting star just now
And our sister planets
Mars just to the left of the Moon
To my right, Jupiter and Saturn
And the Milky Way

Beauty, peace and euphoria
And yet, regret
For the times I thought, my life,
Was my life
Unique, distinct, apart
It never was, never will be
Rather a manifestation
Of this beauty I see now
An expression of it all

And so grateful to know this now
Hopeful, to remember it always
To be the manifestation
In thought and action
Of the goodness that created me
The goodness that I am

And yet a tiny fabric
Of this wondrous tapestry we are
As we share, our life

Joe Fox
October 2, 2020