Pearl Harbor for Memorial Day

There is certainly no way to visit Hawaii without visiting Pearl Harbor, this hallowed place. 2,400 US soldiers were killed within two hours and close 1,178 injured. 1,177 were killed within minutes on the USS Arizona. For 1,102, this ship remains their final resting place. In the years since a number of surviving sailors have requested that their remains are placed in the ship. Each day, a couple of quarts of oil leak from the ship into the bay. Legend calls them, "Black Tears of the Arizona", cried by the surviving members of the Pearl Harbor attack.

On this somber Memorial Day weekend, we mourn the loss of our American Soldiers. In our human experience death is probably the most difficult and painful challenge we face, and yet in our world, hundreds of millions of people have been killed by our own hands. Hopefully, one day our humanity can emerge from that darkness.