Remembering Two of our Heroes

We remember two of our heroes, who sacrificed their life for us six years ago today. In the wave of anti-police rhetoric NYPD Detectives Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were assassinated in Brooklyn. At Woodhull Hospital that day I looked at the faces of the elected officials, the same ones who are vilifying police officers today, through legislation they're passing and through their silence while police officers are maligned. Obviously we remember that day clearer than they do. But I'd like to focus on the heroes who survived Wenjian and Rafael. Maritza Ramos and Sanny Liu continue to show us another kind of courage and strength. In addition to raising her boys, Justin and Jayden, alone, Maritza continues to be very active in policing and in the community, bringing the Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation to us. Sanny Liu brought little Angelina, our "miracle baby," into the world. Sanny also sounded the detective Wenjian Liu foundation. (Links below).

I had the honor of being at the memorial mass on Friday, with Maritza and Sanny and their NYPD family. Here are the final words from the remarks Sanny Liu delivered below. If that doesn't say at all! God bless our heroes.

"Angelina isn't old enough yet to know how special she is, or how special you all are to us, but she knows her Daddy, she knows his picture, she knows who he is. And if I ask her "Angelina, where is Daddy?" She points at the sky and says "Daddy is in heaven." And today Angelina wanted to say hello to everyone. "Merry Christmas. I love you" It is Christmas. Everyone be happy. This is the time when Jesus was born. This is a time for children. Thank you to everyone in the NYPD all so much for always remembering the Liu family and the Ramos family."