Where It Began

So this is where it all began, for me. I grew up in Old Mill Basin, 5306 Avenue L. I happen to be in the area yesterday so I decided to take this photo. It evoke a number of memories, of course. One I would like to share is when I was about six years old my father took me fishing at the Canarsie Peer. I was disappointed that we didn't catch any fish. However a nice man gave me a fish he had caught, a very small mackerel. I was so happy! I took the fish home and asked my mom and dad if I could show it to the neighbors. My mom gave me a napkin to hold the fish in. That little guy was dead a few hours by then and was in pretty bad shape.

I knocked on the neighbors door, "Mrs. Hannigan, it's Joe Fox." They open the door I would show them the fish. "Look at this fish that a man gave me. My father took me fishing but we didn't catch anything but a man gave me this fish." I continued and knocked on just about every door on the block and said exactly the same thing. So my take away? I think that was when I decided to share any good that comes into my life with as many people as I can. Little did I know that I would be communicating with so many people on social media today. I wish I would've thought of Facebook back then. 😀🦊🤷‍♂️