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Hello! I am 3-Star Chief Joseph Fox, of the New York City Police Department Transit Bureau, I want to share my insights on leadership, from 30 years of experience protecting New York City and managing thousands of police officers.

"Kindness should be repaid with interest, inflating our world." - Joe Fox

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Part of all transitions, new assignments, promotions, career change, life change, etc. Take comfort - it comes from a healthy dose of humility which is the thread of happiness and our success. 

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Throughout my 30 years of experience at the NYPD, I have gained the ability to manage and inspire thousands of individuals. I use my collective experience to provide examples for unlocking one's potential, and am able to influence each and every audience member to begin living the life of their dreams!

In public, I  seek to inspire and move your audinces.  I want to encourage healthy open conversations and leave you galvanized and energized.

In a one-on-one setting, you'll get me at my finest as I take a deeper dive into you and your needs with great care and attention. Both experiences are worth having.

I strive to help others unlock their best version of themselves. I will share a wide range of experiences while enlightening the audience on the importance of self-care, Work/Life Balance, and Leadership.

From small intimate groups of 2 to full-scale auditoriums, I am able to customize my content and approach to suit the audience.

I would like to get to know you and your content/audience in order to provide a rate that will be right for you. Please complete the below form and he'll be in touch.

Here are some stats:

The Transit Bureau is responsible for the safety and security of 5.6 million subway passengers a day.
The NYC subway system consists of 25 lines, 472 stations, and nearly 250 miles of passenger rail line.

The Bureau is overseen by three borough commands: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bronx/Queens.

The bureau comprises 12 transit districts, each located within or adjacent to the subway system.

District personnel are supplemented by members of several specialized units within the Transit Bureau-including three borough Task Forces, Anti-Terrorism Unit, Citywide Vandals Task Force, Canine Unit, Special Projects Unit, and MetroCard Fraud Task Force.

Being able to inspire and motivate ourselves, our team and our customers is one of the skills every business owner needs to master. Based on the tremendous level of responsibility and high stakes of his domain, we look forward to learning some important lessons about leadership from Chief Fox. He'll be sharing his tips on how every entrepreneur and small business can and should be a leader.

The 12th Annual Smart Hustle Small Business Conference takes place in midtown Manhattan and continues to be New York's premier event for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to GROW.

Created by entrepreneur and bestselling author Ramon Ray, the Smart Hustle Small Business Conference provides small business owners with opportunity to connect with other business owners while showing them the tangible and practical tools they need to successfully grow their small business.

Conference speakers and topics include but are not limited to….

Leadership Lessons from a NYC Cop - Captain Joseph Fox, New York City Police Department

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