Joseph Fox

I was never initially a fan of poetry but in 2008 I wrote my first poem almost by accident. I came up with the concept while sitting deep in the woods looking over a meadow. I wrote a short paragraph on my thoughts and sent it out as a mailer. The first response I got was “Hey that’s a nice poem did your son write that for school?”
From there I changed the layout from a paragraph form to a poem format and was hooked ever since.


Face-to-face goodness
A fleeting exchange of love
Shares the brilliance of a beautiful sunset
Or sunrise
Which at any given moment
Exists in billions of different locations on our planet.
But those face-to-face expressions of love
Happening every moment, everywhere
Are even more powerful
Than those sunsets and sunrises.
And each one is immeasurably beautiful.
Try not to miss them.
Joseph Fox