Legacy Through the Generations

When I visited my 106-year-old Uncle Louie in January for his 106th birthday I had a really nice and unexpected exchange that I'd like to share. While I was chatting with my uncle somebody came over to me and said that a man, who was also a resident, wanted to speak with me. I went over to him and when he told me his name, Archie Sales, I was so pleasantly surprised. Growing up I heard my father mention his name always. Archie was one of his best friends. What a coincidence that he winds up in the same residence as my Dad's best friend, Uncle Louie.

Archie told me that my father, a 71 Precinct cop who worked in the old Ebbets Field baseball stadium, recommended Archie to join the team of cops who covered the stadium and work there also. Archie got choked up when he shared this with me saying, "Your father got me my first "detail". And isn't that one of the wonderful things about life? As I always say, legacy is not only how we are remembered, but it is all about how we live our lives each day. Because when we live a good life, we will be remembered quite beautifully. I was so touched to chat with Archie and to hear yet another nice thing about my father, who died 21 years ago.  Thank you, Archie! Because all these years later, you have touched me and my family and so many.

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