Let Go of the Plan

Hello, everybody. I thought I would share about an hour of my journey through West Virginia the other day. As I was driving back to Washington DC, the farms and the mountains were so beautiful. I decided to be spontaneous and just turn off onto a small country road.

For over an hour I marveled at the beauty, often getting out of the car and sometimes taking photos. Occasionally I would think to myself, "I have to get back on the road or I will never get to DC." But then I thought, "Where else would I want to be than where I am right now?"

Isn't it true that sometimes even our free time is so scheduled and so regimented that it's not really leisure at all? We can spend almost all of our lives planning. How often do we just give up on the plans we have for the moment, the day?  When we detour from the journey we planned, sometimes we can find unexpected wonder, and maybe even make friends with an Alpaca, and a few horses. 😀🦊Which reminds me of something John Lennon one said, "Sometimes wasting time is not time wasted."

Have a great day everyone and thank you.

See photos from my unplanned adventure below.