The Wonder of It All

I just came up from sitting on the boardwalk, having started my day at Hot Yoga Rockaway Beach. Already a wonderful and peaceful morning, it got even better with an encounter with a Mom, and her four-year-old toddler. She looked up at me, bucket in her hand and said, "I'm going to dig sand." I said to her, "Please don't dig all of the sand, save some for me because I'd like to have sand on the beach." She giggled and I heard her laughing still, as they walked onto the beach.

My cousin Lillian recently shared with me that when her son Bobby, who recently passed away, was a little boy she took him to a beach in California for the first time in his life. He looked out at the ocean and said, "Who filled it up?"

I always marvel at the beautiful perspective of life children have and I thought I would share this with you. If only we could believe that it's possible to put all of the sand on the beach in our little buckets, and look at an enormous ocean and wonder, who filled it up. But the great news is, we actually can. We can work at accessing that innocence to see the true beauty in life all around us, and the wonder of it all. It takes practice, but it's certainly worth the effort. Have a wonderful and purposeful day everyone, and thank you.

"If we all could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything!"
Chee Vai Tang